Friday, May 19, 2017

Slowly Making Our Way Home

Mike gave us back up guidance out of the driveway and we were on our way without mishap.  We chose to drive back to Ripley to pick up I-77 as the road is not nearly as winding & hilly as the one through Chloe.  When we arrived at Mt. Airy, NC that afternoon, we drove through to familiarize ourselves with one way streets, etc. and then on to Mayberry Campground.  This is a lovely Passport America park with level sites.  A conversion bus rally was beginning and Gene saw plenty of beautiful rigs.
Tuesday we drove into Mt. Airy and browsed through the antique shops, ate lunch at Barney's CafĂ©, and bought dessert at Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies - 31 varieties - took a while to make up our minds.  They also have homemade breads, cookies and cakes.  We certainly recommend a stop there if you are in the area.
Our next stop was in Raleigh to spend a couple days at Tom & Nancy's.  Our refrigerated items were placed in her refrigerator.  They took us out to eat that evening to Leesville Tap Room.  Gene & I both had plenty of leftovers for the next day's lunch.  That evening we watched "Earth II" on their big screen & Ultra HD Blu Ray projector.  I don't comprehend how all that works, but the colors and textures were so vibrant and detailed you felt you could reach out & touch them.  They have excellent internet/wifi there so I was able to check my emails (it had been almost two weeks) and post my blog.  Nancy fixed a delicious pot roast meal Thursday evening and we watched "LaLa Land".   I enjoyed the music and the dancing, but the plot was a little slow.  We had a rain & wind storm that night and the next morning Tom discovered a small tree had fallen over, slid down the hill and came to rest by the tire of our RV.  No damage was done, thank goodness, and we were underway about 10:00.  This was the hardest driving day for Gene.  He had a sore throat & cough, we got tied up in traffic and had to detour off I-85 twice and seemed to crawl for miles a couple other times.  The day seemed to get longer & longer.  We finally arrived at Carolina Landing in Fair Play, SC about 5:30 and got settled in before the rain came.  It was an early night to bed!
Saturday was much better.  We met with Gene's classmate, Frank, in Duluth, GA at "Sweet Baby Jane's" for a bountiful buffet meal and visit and then on to my brother's for the rest of the weekend.
It was a wonderful time of reminiscing.  He had prepared corn chowder and even though he said it wasn't as good as Mom's, it was delicious.  Sunday evening he cooked chicken on the grill and both mornings fixed bacon & eggs.   As you can see, we did not lack for good food during this trip.
Monday we left for home, stopping at a produce stand he recommended for Vidalia onions.  We had been listening to Phil Robertson's book "Happy, Happy, Happy" on CD and he spoke of picking Mayhaws as a child for his Grandmother to make jelly.  They just happened to have some there, so you know we had to buy some.  We arrived home about 4:30 and started the unpacking.  Our daughter, Jen, called and said they wanted to take us out to eat and visit with our grandson who was flying out on Wednesday morning.  I'm so grateful she did, because I didn't feel much like cooking.
We now have the RV unpacked, most of the items put away, and researched and purchased a "residential" (not an RV) refrigerator which Gene will install next week. Now I'm planning a short trip to check out the new refrigerator. :)
It was a fun filled and busy trip with only a couple mishaps.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

Safe travels and God's blessings to all of you.
Picture of Andy & Barney in M
t. Airy (Mayberry)

guitar in front of Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Long Time Friends & Family

We left the RV Park in Sevierville and stopped at Smokey Mountain Knife Works.  What a place!  Taking Gene in there was like saying "sic 'em" to a dog.  Not only did they have knives of every kind, housewares and clothing, but also displays of animals, waterwheels, scrimshaw and even a huge sword in a stone.  He looked at knives and I took pictures of the displays.  We left with a purchase of only one knife and a couple other small items.  He showed great restraint.
On to Greenville to visit with my classmates Linda Sue & Richard.  We spent time sitting on the porch talking and enjoying the beautiful view they have of the mountains.  She prepared a delicious meal for us and then we played the dominoes game Mexican Train.  The dots were swimming before my eyes before we finished, but we had a lot of fun. 
The next day we drove to Waverly, OH to visit with Paul and Barb.  We went to church with them and spent time reminiscing about our time together at Teen Missions in Merritt Island, FL  After a sumptuous lunch on Thurs., we were off to Racine, OH, Kountry Resort Campground.  We noticed an ammonia smell and discovered our refrigerator had sprung a leak in the tubing.  We turned it off & opened the windows.  Since we would be at our daughter & son-in-laws the next day, we knew the food wouldn't spoil.
Friday we arrived at their deli,  Church Street Deli, in Spencer, WV at noon.  Potato soup & beef burrito filled us up & we drove to their house in Mt. Zion.  They had had a lot of rain and their driveway gave us a bit of a problem.  Westfall Wrecker Service pulled the RV out of the mud and we were able to relax for the rest of the weekend.
Monday we were on our way to Mt Airy, NC  That will be my next po

Blue Ridge Parkway and Rally

We left the Oaks on the 25th and drove to Hendersonville, NC where we stayed at Red Gates RV Park.  This was a small, but quiet park in the Passport America. On Wednesday we traveled on the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at many of the overlooks.  It had been years since we had driven on
the Parkway and I was very glad we were in our Roadtrek camper van rather than a big motorhome or 5th wheel! The scenery was beautiful - trees leafing out in their new spring green and dogwoods in bloom.  The highest point was Funnel Top at elevation 4925.

We left the Blue Ridge and into Waynesville, NC and then through Great Smokey Mountain National Park .  More beautiful scenery, but also evidence of the fires last November.   We were able to get a picture of Susie at the sign by pulling off and walking back to it.  I was thankful there wasn't much traffic.  We arrived at River Plantation RV Resort in Sevierville, TN for the SKP ACRE (Escapees All Chapters Rally East) and settled into our site.  It was farther from the Conference Center than I felt I could walk, so when I saw Dennis, a member of our chapter, parked across the road from us, I asked if he would transport me back and forth.  He graciously did for four days, then on Sunday a closer site opened up and Gene moved us over.
It was a great rally with Geeks on Tour presenting seminars on "What Does This Button Do?", Google maps & Google photos.  We met new friends and spent time with old friends.  Monday evening after the pot luck supper, we gathered around the campfire and listened to stories of RV'ing  misadventures.  We always hope to learn from other's experiences.  Tuesday morning we were on a short jaunt to friends in Greenville, TN  That will be my next post.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Family, Friends & Rally Trip

We're going to pack a lot into this trip!  We left home on Friday the 21st and drove to Savannah, GA to the Visitor Center.  We parked in the parking lot for $14.00 for 48 hours.  There were no connections, but surrounding parks were $40.00 per night, so my frugality won.  There were a lot of RV's parked there, so we weren't lonely.  We took the Old Trolley Tour on Sat.  We rode around to all 16 stops and then back to River Front where we ate lunch at the Shrimp Factory, walked around a bit, then caught the trolley back to the parking lot.  Gene had seen the ice cream place, so he rode back to enjoy ice cream.  I took a nap.  There were many beautiful homes, magnificent architecture, parks and squares.  It was a great tour.
Sunday we drove down to Forsyth Park to take pictures & then on to Orangeburg, SC to The Oaks, a retirement center.  We had been to a seminar last June and were told to "stop in for a tour"  when we were up that way.  We were put up in an apartment in the Walsh building for two nights, fed abundantly in the dining room and given a tour of the campus.  They have homes, duplexes, apartments and assisted living units.  It was a lovely place, but I realized I have a lot more living to do before I "retire"!
Glenna & Susie at Savannah Visitor Center

The doll you see in the pictures, is our Escapees Chapter mascot, Susie Sunshine.  She travels with whomever "adopts" her and sees a lot of our beautiful country.

The next installment will be our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

And Now The Rest of The Story

On my last post I said I was eyeing the swimming pool.  It was definitely calling my name, so I changed into my swimsuit and went for a refreshing swim.

We had a few days when it rained and the wind was pretty strong.  During one of the storms a branch fell from the tree and hit the RV, screen room and knocked the power line out of the electric box.  As we have DC power also, the lights didn't go out, but I realized there was a problem when the clock was blank on the microwave.  Gene was able to straighten the prongs and plug it back in.  The screen room had a couple small tears that we patched with duct tape and we were good as new.

One evening we joined several folks from the church and Ranch for a pot luck supper.  It was delicious food and great fellowship.

Friends Ron and Carolyn

Doe with three fawns

On Friday,  Aug. 5th, we took down the screen room and folded up the hammock as rain was predicted for the rest of the weekend, which it did.  After church on Sunday we moved from Wilder Campground #1 to Wilder #2.  Friends, Ron and Carolyn whom we had met in 2014,  moved to Wilder #2 also and we were able to spend some time with them.  The day before we left, she took me for a ride in their Polaris to several places on the Ranch and we even saw a doe with triplet fawns.

Alas, on Tuesday, Aug. 9th, we had to leave.  We said our goodbyes and headed for Golden Pond RV Park in Shirley, AR - a short trip of four hours.  The next day was much longer.  We had hoped to make it to
Hattiesburg, MS, Okatoma RV Resort, but when we got to Vicksburg, MS six and a half hours later, Gene was pretty tired. so we spent the night there.  Thursday we stopped at Donna's 6 Produce in Florence, MS for ice cream and fresh fruit and veggies on the way to Wilderness RV Park in Robertsdale, AL.  Friday was a short run to Torreya State Park in Bristol, FL.  We had stayed there for a few days last September and really like it.  The campsites are huge and the bathhouse really clean.  Saturday, we made the final leg of the journey home, arriving about 2:00.  The rest of the day was spent in unloading everything from the RV.  I'm still in the "putting away" process, but it will eventually get done.

It was wonderful to be able to spend time at Cloud 9 with old friends.   May God bless all of them and all of you.  Until our next trip, safe travels and good health.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Resting n Relaxing

Has it been two weeks since we arrived?  I have been enjoying sitting in my screen room, reading and listening to my cd's.  Gene is much more active and walks over to the bathhouse with his tablet for wifi, up to the Pavillion to watch TV and on some of the trails. 

My last post was typed in the ladies room of the bathhouse.  Can you imagine the surprise of the ladies coming in to use the facilities and there I was by the shower stall?  This week I'm at the Trading Post and have a much better connection.  Last Sunday and today we attended the church service at the Chapel here on the Ranch and then had lunch at the Ranch House - delicious, melt in your mouth roast beef.  Gene is at the Pavillion and I'm eyeing the swimming pool.

This past Thursday we drove to Dawt Mill - about 30 miles from here.  They're located on the North Fork River and have canoeing, kayaking, cabins, RV Park and restaurants.  We ate our lunch looking out onto the River - really beautiful.

The weather has been hot - 90's - and we retreat to the RV and AC in the afternoons for a nap.  By evening it  cools down so that we can open the windows and hear the crickets and frogs.  I forget from year to year how beautiful the fireflies are flitting among the trees.

Tuesday evening, when it cooled down, Gene built a  fire and we cooked our hotdogs over it.  Afterwards I sat and watched the embers and fireflies and listened to the gurgling of the stream.
In the morning and evenings there is a thick mist over the water - looks eerie at times.

So, that is our current lifestyle.  We get to stay for another two weeks before heading home.

Until my next post, God's blessings to all of you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We Are Happy Campers!

We are in our happy place -  Cloud 9 Ranch in Caulfield, MO. 

 We left Thursday morning, stopped in Tallahassee to have lunch with my sister,  Faith and brother-in-law Len at Hopkins Eatery and a great visit, then on to Fountain, FL and spent the night at Pine Lake RV Park, an RPI park. 

Friday morning we got an early start as it was 6 hours to the next stop.  We have a talent for turning a 6 hour trip into 8 hours on a regular basis.  We stopped at a roadside stand for fresh tomatoes and oranges,  Don Walker's Western Wear in Troy, AL where Gene found a new shirt (he was looking for Wrangler jeans - black, but none in his size),  Sikes & Kohn in Pine Level, AL where he bought new Carhartt work gloves,  gas in Montgomery where the pump showed 35 gallons pumped (not so, our tank only holds 31 gallons and we weren't even on empty).  When he questioned the clerk, he was given a  small refund.  He called BP & Circle K to report gas pump fraud.  There's no telling how many people haven't noticed  the discrepancy.

We finally arrived at Hidden Cove RV Resort, another RPI, in Arley, AL at 4:00 p.m.  We settled in for the evening & the air conditioner cut off three times.  Gene switched to the 50 amp outlet and we had no further problems.

Saturday was a short drive - only 3 hours, which we turned into four and a half.  We stopped in Russellville, AL at Jack's for lunch, then Dollar General.  In Corinth, MS we stopped for gas at the
Chevron station for $1.89 per gallon.  We arrived at Big Buck RV Park in Hornsby, TN at 3:00.  Gene went to the Lodge to watch TV and I went to bed early.

Sunday was another long day.  We drove through Memphis, crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas, and finally into Missouri.  Although we have traveled Hwy 63 before, Gene said he didn't
remember there being so many curves and hills.  It was tedious for him (and me), but we made it to Cloud 9 safe and sound by 3:15.  We found a perfect spot in Wilder Springs campground which looks out onto the stream.

Yesterday Gene set up the screen room, put the hammock and my chair in there, put out the awning and moved the picnic table under it.  I put the tablecloth on it and spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading and watching the water flow by.  At 4:00, I heard a splash & looked across the stream to see a doe and her two fawns drinking from the stream.  This morning I saw the groundhog that lives in the brush by the stream.  Ah, yes, this is truly my happy place.