Friday, May 19, 2017

Slowly Making Our Way Home

Mike gave us back up guidance out of the driveway and we were on our way without mishap.  We chose to drive back to Ripley to pick up I-77 as the road is not nearly as winding & hilly as the one through Chloe.  When we arrived at Mt. Airy, NC that afternoon, we drove through to familiarize ourselves with one way streets, etc. and then on to Mayberry Campground.  This is a lovely Passport America park with level sites.  A conversion bus rally was beginning and Gene saw plenty of beautiful rigs.
Tuesday we drove into Mt. Airy and browsed through the antique shops, ate lunch at Barney's Café, and bought dessert at Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies - 31 varieties - took a while to make up our minds.  They also have homemade breads, cookies and cakes.  We certainly recommend a stop there if you are in the area.
Our next stop was in Raleigh to spend a couple days at Tom & Nancy's.  Our refrigerated items were placed in her refrigerator.  They took us out to eat that evening to Leesville Tap Room.  Gene & I both had plenty of leftovers for the next day's lunch.  That evening we watched "Earth II" on their big screen & Ultra HD Blu Ray projector.  I don't comprehend how all that works, but the colors and textures were so vibrant and detailed you felt you could reach out & touch them.  They have excellent internet/wifi there so I was able to check my emails (it had been almost two weeks) and post my blog.  Nancy fixed a delicious pot roast meal Thursday evening and we watched "LaLa Land".   I enjoyed the music and the dancing, but the plot was a little slow.  We had a rain & wind storm that night and the next morning Tom discovered a small tree had fallen over, slid down the hill and came to rest by the tire of our RV.  No damage was done, thank goodness, and we were underway about 10:00.  This was the hardest driving day for Gene.  He had a sore throat & cough, we got tied up in traffic and had to detour off I-85 twice and seemed to crawl for miles a couple other times.  The day seemed to get longer & longer.  We finally arrived at Carolina Landing in Fair Play, SC about 5:30 and got settled in before the rain came.  It was an early night to bed!
Saturday was much better.  We met with Gene's classmate, Frank, in Duluth, GA at "Sweet Baby Jane's" for a bountiful buffet meal and visit and then on to my brother's for the rest of the weekend.
It was a wonderful time of reminiscing.  He had prepared corn chowder and even though he said it wasn't as good as Mom's, it was delicious.  Sunday evening he cooked chicken on the grill and both mornings fixed bacon & eggs.   As you can see, we did not lack for good food during this trip.
Monday we left for home, stopping at a produce stand he recommended for Vidalia onions.  We had been listening to Phil Robertson's book "Happy, Happy, Happy" on CD and he spoke of picking Mayhaws as a child for his Grandmother to make jelly.  They just happened to have some there, so you know we had to buy some.  We arrived home about 4:30 and started the unpacking.  Our daughter, Jen, called and said they wanted to take us out to eat and visit with our grandson who was flying out on Wednesday morning.  I'm so grateful she did, because I didn't feel much like cooking.
We now have the RV unpacked, most of the items put away, and researched and purchased a "residential" (not an RV) refrigerator which Gene will install next week. Now I'm planning a short trip to check out the new refrigerator. :)
It was a fun filled and busy trip with only a couple mishaps.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

Safe travels and God's blessings to all of you.
Picture of Andy & Barney in M
t. Airy (Mayberry)

guitar in front of Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies

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Ana Jacobs said...

I love your blog Glenna ❤️
We are on our way to Alaska, please keep us in your prayers. Robert and Ana